Sepnil Hand Sanitizer Price in Bangladesh (6 Best Hand Sanitizer)

Sepnil is a product of Square Toiletries Ltd. In this post, we will see all packs (40, 50, 100, 200, 1000 ml, and 5litre) of the Sepnil hand sanitizer price in Bangladesh.

It is known that Square Toiletries Ltd is a reputed company in Bangladesh and over the word.

So, you will get the best quality by using a Sepnil hand sanitizer undoubtedly. Therefore, Let’s see the price and which package will be best for you.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer Price in Bangladesh

sepnil hand sanitizer price in bangladesh

Some foreigner company also supplies hand sanitizer and antiseptic in Bangladesh. But their price is high than Sepnil.

So, We highly recommend using the Sepnil hand sanitizer as a Bangladeshi company.

Besides, it’s the price is low than in other companies. So, you can save your money by using this hand sanitizer.

Sepnil hand sanitizer price range is from 80 Taka to 2800 Taka. Sometimes, you can get a 2-5% discount in an online shop or some local market.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 40ml Price in Bangladesh

Sepnil hand sanitizer 40ml pack is the smallest pack in the current market. But it is enough popular.

It is perfect for single people or best for raff using. You also can carry a 40ml pack in the bag.

Because this pack is very handy. You will need 80 Taka to buy this mini pack.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 50ml Price in Bangladesh

50ml is another small pack of Sepnil hand sanitizers in Bangladesh. So, this is a similar pack of 40ml.

You can buy this 50ml with 90 Taka. If we count the price then 50ml is won here by the price percentage.

I think it as an alternative pack of 40ml. But, remember that both packs are made for almost the same category people.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 100ml Price in Bangladesh

If you think that you need more than 40/50ml. Then, Sepnil offers you 100 ml packs.

It is a good side that Sepnil offers different sizes of hand sanitizers for the different types of people.

So, it will be easy to choose the best pack for the audience. 100ml Sepnil hand sanitizer price is 150 Taka.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 200ml Price in Bangladesh

sepnil hand sanitizer 200ml price in bangladesh

200ml pack is the most popular pack at the current market in Bangladesh. I think people like this hand sanitizer size and the amount.

If you are thinking about which pack will better for you. I recommended this pack.

Because is a suitable pack with almost people by the budget and the quantity. You can buy this 200ml pack with 200 Taka.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 500ml Price in Bangladesh

This Sepnil hand sanitizer pack is best for a small family. If you maintain a little family you can choose the pack.

You need 450 Taka to buy this small family pack. Do you need a more large pack?

Don’t worry. Sepnil offers a more large pack of the hand sanitizer. You can choose 1000ml or 5ltr.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 1000ml Price in Bangladesh

It is a perfect pack for a middle size family. They can maintain with this 1000ml hand sanitizer pack.

I think the family pack is best than a small pack. Because you can save the price by buying a family pack.

Sepnil offers this 1000ml pack for 800 Taka. So, lock at the price family pack is the best choice.

Sepnil Hand Sanitizer 5 liter Price in Bangladesh

sepnil hand sanitizer 5 litre price in bangladesh

Sepnil 5litre hand sanitizer is the largest pack in the market. It is the best choice for a big family or an office.

If you maintain a big family or office I will recommend this huge pack. Because It will reduce the complexity of handwashing in your family.

You can buy this excellent pack at 2800 Taka for your group or office. I think it is best for a large group.

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