Robi SMS Pack 2021 (Best Hot Offer)

Robi is famous for giving away some good packs at low prices. In this post, we will see the Robi SMS pack will have all the codes for buying an SMS offer.

No matter how big the technology comes day by day. The demand for SMS will never decrease.

People like to send messages to their loved ones. And with their words in mind. For this reason, Robi is offering several SMS packs.

In our opinion, those are very good quality SMS offers. But let’s see why it’s late Robi SMS packs.

Robi SMS Pack

robi sms pack

Robi offers some very good SMS packs compared to other operators in the country. Which many will like.

I have arranged this post with my Robi SMS purchase code. Come on, it will be useful for you.

The codes can be quite difficult to remember. For your convenience, if you click on the code, it will be copied and moved to the dial pad of your phone.

Robi 180 SMS Offer

This is the smallest SMS pack of Robi. If it is small in Robi, it is quite big compared to other operators.

You can buy this beautiful offer for only 5 Taka. And you will be surprised to know that this 5 taka Robi SMS offer is valid for 30 days !!!

So it goes without saying that Robi SMS packs are quite good. This can be a great offer for those who want to buy SMS packs for all money.

To buy the pack dial: *123*2*7*1#

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Robi 450 SMS Offer

This is Robi’s second-highest SMS pack. Like the pack above, it can be anyone’s choice.

This great offer of 450 SMS can be purchased for just 10 Taka. Whose term is also quite good in terms of price.

In other words, the validity of this offer is 30 days !! This can be a great pack for those who need a medium-quality SMS pack throughout the month.

To buy the pack dial: *123*2*7*2#

Robi 1400 SMS Offer

This is Robi’s biggest and latest SMS offer on our list. In our opinion, this huge pack is very effective.

If you want, you can use this huge SMS pack for yourself or your business for only 20 Taka.

This huge pack also has a validity of 30 days. This offer is mainly for those who need more SMS.

To buy the pack dial: *123*2*7*3#

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Additional Information:
  • Robi SMS Balance Check Code: *222*12#
  • Only Robi prepaid customers are covered by these offers.
  • These SMS can be used on any number.
  • The said price has been fixed including VAT.
  • Customers can use these SMS offers as many times as they like.

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