Robi Minute Offer 2021 (Hot Robi Minute Offer)

Are you want to know the Robi minute offer & package 2021?. Then this post is for you. In other words, this post contains all Robi minute purchase codes and packs.

In this post, we will learn about the current Robi minute pack. We also include all new Robi minute purchase codes.

Finally, we will discuss which Robi minute pack would be better for you. So don’t miss to see the best offers from below.

Best Robi Minute Offer 2021

best robi minute offer

Here we are going to share some Robi minute pack which seems to be the best in our opinion.

So you can see from below which Robi minute offer will be the best for you. Or you can also find out if there is an available offer on any other SIM.

And you can see all the Robi minute offers together at the very bottom of our post. So read to the end of the post.

Robi 42 Minutes Offer

It is Robi’s lowest-priced pack for prepaid customers. You need 26 Taka to buy 42 minutes that is valid for 24 hours.

So if you want a pack at a lower price in the next 24 hours it would be better to use it.

However, Banglalink and Airtel are giving 3 days’ validity in almost the same prize pack !!! See here Banglalink Minute Offer and Airtel Minute Offer.

Recharge to buy the pack: 27 Taka

Robi 100 Minutes Offer

It is one of the best Robi mini minute offers. That can be an excellent pack for those who talk on the phone fairly.

However, it is not for heavy users. It is better to use a Monthly minute offer for those who talk more.

In this pack, you will get 100 minutes for only 74 Taka that will be valid for 7 days. So it would be pretty good as a Robi Weekly minute pack.

However, Grameenphone and Airtel offers are similar 90-minute offers. See Grameenphone Minute Offer and Airtel Minute Offer here.

Recharge to buy the pack: 64 Taka

Robi 160 Minutes Offer

It can be an excellent minute pack for those who like to talk more throughout the week.

In this pack, you will get 180 minutes that will be valid for 7 days. And you will need to buy the offer for 99 Taka.

Moreover, Airtel and Grameenphone offer this pack. Because it is quite popular. Let’s see the pack here Airtel and Grameenphone.

However, if you need more minutes, you can see the packs below. But this is the best for seven days.

To buy the pack Dial: *06#

Robi 190 Minutes Offer

It is basically for those who want to use a moderate amount of minute pack. Moreover, it is a popular Robi minute offer.

This medium quality pack has 190 minutes at 118 rupees that will be valid for 10 days.

Besides, Grameenphone and Airtel are offering almost the same pack. So if you purchase the offer from the SIM that has a good network in your area, you will get good service.

Because if you want to be sure for 10 days then you can use it. Furthermore, Grameenphone and Airtel also offer this pack.

Recharge to buy the pack: 118 Taka

Robi 495 Minutes + 512 MB Offer

It is one of the best Robi Monthly minutes offers in the budget. It will be better for those who want to use the monthly minute pack.

Because if you buy this same pack from another SIM, you will get 10 to 20 minutes less. You will get 495 minutes at 298 Taka for 30 days at this offer.

Moreover, it comes with 512MB internet. However, Robi offers even bigger minute packs for its users.

Visit to buy the pack: 495 Minutes + 512 MB

Robi 800 Minutes Offer

IT is a large Robi minute offer. There is a demand for such a big pack. So this is the best pack for you if you need to talk more.

This huge Robi minute offer is 800 minutes at 496 Taka that will be valid for 30 days.

Also, keep in mind that it is better not to buy small packs over and over again. It saves both term and money.

However, Airtel offers almost the same pack. Here is the large offer of Airtel minute for 9 takas less.

Recharge to buy the pack: 487 Taka

Robi Minute Offer at a Glance

robi minute offer
42 MinutesBDT 2724 HoursRecharge 27 Tk
67 MinutesBDT 4304 DaysRecharge 43 Tk
90 MinutesBDT 5907 Days*0*5#
100 MinutesBDT 6407 DaysRecharge 64 Tk
160 MinutesBDT 9907 Days*0*6#
190 MinutesBDT 11810 DaysRecharge 118 Tk
230 MinutesBDT 14415 DaysRobi Website
315 MinutesBDT 19430 Days*123*194#
325 MinutesBDT 19930 DaysRecharge 199 Tk
330 MinutesBDT 21830 DaysRecharge 218 Tk
495 Minutes + 512 MBBDT 29830 DaysRobi Website
800 MinutesBDT 49730 DaysRecharge 497 Tk
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