How to Open a Nagad Account Easily (2021)

In this post, you can see how to open a Nagad account on any mobile without NID and Nagad App. Besides, it will take just 2 minutes.

Now Nagad’s account can be opened easily by dialing *167# from any mobile number in the country. Through which everyone will get the opportunity to open an account.

Not only this, the customers of any mobile operator in the country will be able to enjoy this facility. And for this, no expensive mobile will be needed.

How to Open a Nagad Account

How to open a Nagad account

Any mobile will be required to open a Nagad account. Then follow the rules below from the SIM from which you want to open an account.

Nagad Account Opening Rules:

  1. Firstly, go to the dial pad on your mobile.
  2. Dial Nagad account code *167#.
  3. Now, you can see some terms or conditions. It will usually show the rules that it takes to open an account. So there is nothing to fear.
  4. Set or type a 4-digit PIN to agree. (Which must be remembered as this will be your account PIN or password)
  5. Confirm by typing the PIN again. (Don’t tell anyone your secret PIN)
  6. Then choose whether you want to make Interest. ( Remember, it is haraam to eat money for profit or interest. Moreover, it is harmful to the country. So please refrain from it)

Once these steps are completed, the Nagad account will be opened. If you want to check whether the account has been opened, dial *167# again.

Then when you see Cash Out, Send Money, Mobile Recharge option, you will understand that the account has been opened. Otherwise, follow the above rules again.

It is better to know the charges after opening the account. See here Nagad Mobile Banking Charges.

Offer to Open a Nagad Account

As soon as you open a Nagad account, you will get a recharge bonus of Tk 20 for a recharge of Tk 20 twice a month. You have to accept some conditions to get the bonus.

One of them is that you have to recharge through the Nagad app. And yes you have to recharge your number (say your number to the number where the account has been opened).

You can take this offer by opening an account till March 31, 2021. However, the bonus can be taken until June 15, 2021. Bonus will be available within 48 hours of recharge.

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