Grameenphone Minute Offer 2021 (Hot Offer)

Grameenphone or GP is one of the most useful mobile networks in Bangladesh. In this post, we will look at Grameenphone Minute Offer & Pack 2021.

In the table below, we add a list of GP-minute offers, including all Grameenphone minute purchase codes.

So you can easily purchase the best Grameenphone minute pack according to your needs. And the list of the offers added below of the post.

Best Grameenphone Minute Offer 2021

best grameenphone minute offer

See below which GP minute pack would be best for you. Besides, we also discussed the same offer of other SIMs.

So, you can easily see which minute package will be better for you. We also include all the purchase code.

Moreover, at the very end of the post, there is a list of all the offers at once. So first look at the better minute packs. Let’s see the best offers.

Grameenphone 37 Minutes Offer

It is one of the most popular minute packs of Grameenphone. It is also the best minute pack of the small offer.

This minute pack contains 36 minutes. It will be valid for 24 hours that you can buy for 24 Taka.

However, if you are using Airtel or Banglalink SIM, you can avail of the 45 minutes pack at Tk. 26/28.

Here you can see Banglalink Minute and Airtel Minute offer.

To buy the pack Dial: *121*4002#

Grameenphone 90 Minutes Offer

Not just GP minute pack, it is also a popular single minute pack in other SIM companies.

Apart from Grameenphone, it also offers Airtel and Banglalink. So it will be best if you want to buy one weekly minute pack.

In this minute offer, you will get 90 minutes at 59 Taka that will be valid for 7 days. See here Airtel minute and Banglalink minute offer.

To buy the pack Dial: *121*4205#

Grameenphone 160 Minutes Offer

Many people need more minutes. Thinking about them, Grameenphone is offering 180 minutes for 99 Taka that is valid for 7 days.

It can be a great GP minute offer for those who want to buy more minutes throughout the week.

Moreover, Airtel and Robi offer this pack for 7 days. See Robi and Airtel minute offer here.

To buy the pack Dial: *121*4006#

Grameenphone 190 Minutes Offer

Some want to buy more packs, not just a week, but a little longer.

This minute pack is for them. Robi and Airtel also offer this excellent 10 days minute pack.

And you can buy this excellent 190 minutes offer of Grameenphone for 118 Taka.

Moreover, if you want, you can also take it from Airtel or Robi. See Robi Minute Offer and Airtel Minute Offer here.

To buy the pack Dial: *121*4007#

Grameenphone 310 Minutes Offer

It may be the best Grameenphone Minute offer for those who want a monthly minute pack for a small amount of money.

You will need 199 Taka to purchase 310 minutes for 30 days. That is good as per the terms.

You can use it for small talk throughout the month. However, if you buy the pack from Robi or Aitel SIM, you will get 325 minutes.

If you want a minute offer for a little more money, you can see Banglalink’s 230 minutes offer at 143 Taka. See Banglalink minute offer here.

To buy the pack Dial: *121*4018#

Grameenphone 500 Minutes Offer

It is a large minute offer of Grameenphone. That is for those who need more minutes. You can buy 500 minutes for 30 days for 306 Taka.

However, you will get an offer of more than 10 minutes at Banglalink for the same money. See Banglalink minute offers here.

And those who need more minutes can see the 800 minutes pack of Robi minutes and Airtel minutes.

To buy the pack Dial: * 121*4208#

Grameenphone Minute Offer at a Glance

grameenphone minute offer
10 MinutesBDT 66 Hours*121*4024#
21 MinutesBDT 1416 Hours*121*4001#
25 MinutesBDT 1624 Hours*121*4207#
37 MinutesBDT 2424 Hours*121*4002#
67 MinutesBDT 444 Days*121*4003#
77 Minutes +50 SMSBDT 537 Days*121*4004#
90 MinutesBDT 597 Days*121*4205#
120 MinutesBDT 787 Days*121*4026#
160 MinutesBDT 997 Days*121*4006#
190 MinutesBDT 11710 Days*121*4007#
240 MinutesBDT 15010 DaysMyGP & GP Web
310 MinutesBDT 19930 Days*121*4018#
350 MinutesBDT 23315 Days*121*4008#
480 MinutesBDT 29830 Days*121*5074#
500 MinutesBDT 30730 Days*121*4208#
Additional Information:
  • Gremeenphone Minute Check Code is: *121*1*2#
  • You can use these Grameenphone minute offer on all numbers in the country.
  • Users can use Grameenphone minute offers for 24 hours a day.
  • All charges are attached to that price.
  • These minute offers are not for Skitto SIM users.
  • After 20 minutes, Grammenphone usually gives a 10-second pulse in big Minute Packs.
  • Use the MyGP app to get more great minute offers.
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  • See More: Banglalink Minute Offer.
  • Read More: Robi Minute Offer.

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