bKash Cash Out Charge 2021 (bKash App, ATM Charge)

Are you want to know about Bkash cash out charge? In this post, we will discuss all cash out charges including the Bkash app, ATM.

At one time online payment methods were quite popular in the world. For example Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc.

However, these online payment methods are still very popular in the world, but mobile banking in Bangladesh has become quite popular.

Bkash is one of the mobile banking in Bangladesh. This may be the best way to send money from one end of the country to the other.

bKash Cash Out Charge

bkash cash out charge

Bkash Cash Out Charge is based on which medium is used to cash out.

There are usually three ways to cash out. Depending on which the Bkash charges. For example:

  • Bkash App Cash Out Charge
  • BKash ATM Cash out charge
  • By dialing *247#

BKash App Cash out Charge

bkash app cashout charge

Bkash also offers an app for the Bkash like other online payments. Such as Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money which are popular over the world.

Bkash App Cash Out Charge is 1.75%. In other words, it will cost 17.50 Taka per thousand if you cash out from the Bkash app. Get 100৳ Bonus by using bkash App (Only 1st time). Download Bkash App.

That means if you have 1017.50 Taka in your bKash account. You can cash out 1000 Taka by using the bKash app.

The remaining Tk 18.50 will be deducted as bKash cash out charge. However, Rocket charges much less than Bkash.

Let us know the details of Rocket Cash Out Charge in this post. Moreover, if you cash out more than 2100 rupees, cash charges much less.

Here you can see our post written about cash, cash out charge and send money cost.

BKash Cash Out Charge from ATM

bkash cashout charge from atm

Many smart people like to use ATMs. Moreover, the cash-out cost of the ATM is the lowest in Bkash.

When cashing out from ATM, bKash charges 15 Taka per thousand. That is one of the lowest costs in Bangladesh.

But keep in mind that it is not possible to cash out from an ATM below Tk 2,000. So it would be better to get more money out of the ATM.

However, if you cash out more than Tk 2,100, Nagad charges less. Here you can see Nagad Cash Out Charge.

Bkash Cash Out Charge by Dialing *247#

*247# charge

When you cash out by dialing *247# from your mobile, Bkash charges at the rate of 1.85%. Which are 18.50 Taka per thousand.

However, if you use rockets, you can reduce the cost a lot. Because the cash out the charge of the code dial of the Rocket is very low.

If you want you can see another post about all cash-out charges on Rocket. See details here Rocket Cash Out Charge.

Moreover, Bkash App is easy to use and low cost from this medium. So it is better to use the bKash app.

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