10 Best Ecommerce Site in Bangladesh (2021)

Online shopping has become very popular in our country. In this post, we will know about the top 10 best eCommerce site in Bangladesh.

We have discussed the best sites in the country below. They are currently coming up with quite a good service.

Besides, if you want, you can order restaurant food or vegetables very quickly online.

And the delivery of these necessary services is quite fast. That is usually occurring within 20 Minutes to 1 hour.

10 Best Ecommerce Site in Bangladesh

best ecommerce site in Bangladesh

There are a lot of online shopping websites in Bangladesh now. Day by day, online shopping has become quite popular in Bangladesh.

We have discussed below the best online shopping sites in the country. These provide quite a good service.

You can buy everything from these online shopping sites, including food. So, Let’s see.


daraz best ecommerce site in banglasesh

Daraz is the largest online shopping mall or e-commerce organization in Bangladesh. It is quite popular.

Almost all types of products are available here. But be careful to recognize the original product.

This popular online shop occasionally comes with various offers. Moreover, they have a reputation for fast delivery in different places.

They have the most pickup points or hubs in the country. That is a lot of achievement.


Foodpanda is very popular for buying food online. They are coming with quite a good service.

If you want, you can order from your favorite restaurant or any food of your choice at Foodpanda.

You can purchase any local food, including Chinese, Thai, Mexican from this online shop.

Moreover, they have gained a good reputation for fast delivery. You can get the food of your choice in 15 minutes to 1 hour.



Evely is an online shopping website that has become very popular in Bangladesh. The main reason for their success is the cashback offer.

No other online shop has offered a cashback like them.

It is becoming a very good organization day by day. If Evely will the most popular eCommerce platform in Bangladesh at one time, it is not a surprise.

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Books mean Rokomari. It is the best eCommerce site in Bangladesh for selling books.

They have a good reputation for beautiful and fast delivery. That no other online shop has yet achieved.

Almost all the books are available in Rokomari. Moreover, pre-order is also available. There must be Rokomari names in the list of book lovers’ favorites.



Chaldal has gained a good reputation. They always have all the necessary deliveries.

You can buy all the glossaries, including oil, soap, rice, pulses, fish, vegetables from Chaldal.

Moreover, some products are available from them at very low prices. And almost of the product has a 2-5% discount.

And the reason they are most appreciated is the fast delivery. They usually deliver within 15 Minutes to 1 hour.



BDshop is one of the best websites for purchasing digital and electronics products.

Moreover, they are the best for selling various products for YouTubers such as a microphone, light setup, etc.

BDshop has gained quite a reputation for delivering original products. However, sometimes there are many complaints in their name.

It can be a great way to buy digital and electronic products. Especially, for the YouTubers and tech lovers.



Although it was once the most popular online shopping site in the country, it has lost its popularity due to its inability to maintain product quality.

But they still have quality products. You have to order carefully from a good seller.

Ajker deals are still quite popular for low price delivery. They offer free delivery with advanced Bkash payments. Moreover, there are special discounts on certain products.



Almost all the products are available in the PriyoShop like Daraz. They are trying to add more products or brands.

However, in terms of offers, Priyashop is lagging behind others but their popularity is increasing day by day.

Many times different types of products are not available on all other eCommerce websites. Then Priyashop can come in handy.

We hope this online shop will be more popular in the future and will be able to better meet the needs of customers.



Picabo is the best eCommerce site in Bangladesh for various bands of smartphones, accessories, or gadget products.

Still, quite a few new smartphones are released here. These are of quite good quality.

Moreover, They have gained a good reputation by reaching out to people with all the new smartphones or accessories.

You can keep an eye on Pickaboo to get the latest smartphone. Because they sometimes come up with pretty good offers.



Othoba offers different products but focuses on certain products. Such as various food and glossary, children’s toys, popular books, etc.

Moreover, almost all products, including fish and meat are available in this shop. So it is also one of the online shopping websites in the country.

Othoba tries to deliver fast. Day by day, it is becoming quite popular. There is no other way on online without Othoba for some products.

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